..i’m in love with his left eyebrow…*drowning in an ocean of feeling*

Gaaaaah!!! That precious left eyebrow! i am numb. T^T

i know right????? he did a trip beat in his beatbox todayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! *fangirls*

he wants to surprise all of us fangirls and spazz in a different level everyday! omg kyungsoo!! fangirl’s hearts are fragile u know! *dead*

it has not ended yet bb. they have another schedule tmrw..our poor hearts & souls

YESSSS!!!! honestly now, when i go to south korea, imma go to yeosu and kiss the ground where all of these happened! XD

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  1. rainingmay said: yest i was wondering y d.o stopped beatboxin in the middle, turns out the original song is like dat, but today he did the clickin sound so it’s not so sudden, n i also wondered y yeol n him is standin so far frm each other, bt today they correctedit!
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